Thursday, May 10, 2012

I want to stop smoking

I have been smoking for 3 years now I picked the habit up right after my son, Logan, passed away and I really want to stop. The only thing really keeping me from stoping right now besides the obvious addiction is I am afraid I'll gain weight. I am a short girl only 5 foot even and I have always struggled with my weight. I had been doing good though by the end of last summer I weighted 118lbs which looked good on me but now I am back up at 135. I hate that. I guess mostly to blame was in my job change I went from working at a gas station where you are constantly moving and stocking all kinds of heavy items and standing all day to a desk job where I'm setting all day and eating. Even with my weight right now making me to say the least insecure something has to give. I get winded by walking up a flight of stairs, I am constantly tired, I cough all the time and sometimes even catch myself wheezing. I've got to stop but I am so afraid of gaining more weight.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If it wasn't for bad luck

You ever feel like if it wasn't for bad luck you'd have no luck at all. While I understand I am very blessed in life there's still those days, weeks, months, and I have even had years where it just seem like nothing goes right. It feels like my life is a living testament to " IF IT WASN'T FOR BAD LUCK, I'D HAVE NO LUCK AT ALL." Sometimes it feels like the universe is working against my happiness. I always try to stay positive though because I personally hate hanging around those people who are always griping and complaining "woe is me" type people. But sometimes it just helps to vent. Regardless of what else this day brings I am keeping my head up and looking to the future because the past is just that... THE PAST.

Dreams Can Come True

In my quest to become a makeup artist I got some good news last Friday. A well known and very talented mua where I am from has offered me a chance to apprentice with her. I haven't got the apprenticeship yet I still have to put together a portfolio and meet with her. I am hoping to get a few friends together over the weekend and put together the most professional looking portfolio I can produce at this time. Then I will hopefully get with her sometime next week. I am so super excited about this it's all I've been talking about the past few days. I hope and pray i get it.
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